Nico Romo and His “Little Chefs” Win the Big Chef Little Chef Competition

Chef Romo teaches kids how to cook healthy food in Charleston

At last week’s fourth annual Big Chef Little Chef competiton in Charleston, an activitiy the organization Louie's Kid's host annually, Nico Romo’s team stunned the judges and took home a win. Romo [executive chef of Charleston’s Fish restaurant], with his “little chef” partners De and Tre, grilled up free-range chicken, whipped up a house-made mayo, and created a burrito by stuffing a buckwheat crepe with broccolini, sweet corn, fresh pickled fennel, and micro basil. The burrito was served with a watermelon and mint drink.

Nico Romo was excited about the big win, as he shared with Eater, "spending the past two days with these kids and teaching them how to make healthy food is so fun and rewarding. Their excitement makes the work worthwhile and I'm so happy that I could help them win."

The Big Chef Little Chef competition is one of the many activities Louie’s Kids sponsor to aid the fight against childhood obesity. The organization's goal is to to teach kids about healthy eating, so give them a great foundation for a lifetime a good health.