Restaurateur Kidnapped, Police Suspect Manager

The former manager of a fancy restaurant may have kidnapped his old boss
la reserve restaurant nice

Wikimedia/La Reserve de Nice

The millionaire co-owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Nice was kidnapped last week, and police suspect the restaurant's former manager.

Jacqueline Veyrac is the 76-year-old co-owner of the Grand Hotel in Cannes and the Michelin-starred restaurant La Reserve in Nice, and last week she survived a terrifying kidnapping. Now police say a former employee may have been among the kidnappers.

According to The Local, Veyrac was forced into a van in Nice on Monday and kidnapped. She was missing for two days before she was found, alive, in the back of a van with a fake license plate. Oddly, there do not appear to have been any ransom demands.

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Nine people have been arrested in connection with the crime, and police said on Friday that a former manager of La Reserve was among the suspects arrested in connection with the kidnapping. His name was only given as Giuseppe S., and police say he is from Italy and was reported to have been angry with Veyrac.