NFL Player Receives 'Capri Sun Security System' to Protect His Juice

Don't mess with Niles Paul's Capri Sun, guys

We didn't reailze that the Washington Redskins' Niles Paul was such a fan of Capri Sun, or we would have asked him to participate in The Daily Meal's juice box taste test. 

Apparently, Paul proclaimed his love for Capri Sun to sports writer Sarak Kogod, and said he couldn't even bring his favorite flavor (Strawberry Kiwi) to practice for fear of teammates stealing them. Fortunately, the good people at Capri Sun took it upon themselves to send him a "security system" to protect his juice. The letter from Capri Sun to Paul read, "We here at Capri Sun are very distressed to learn about the threat of juice-induced larceny committed against one of our drinkers... So we called in some of our most astute packaging engineers and developed a fail-safe method of protection, custom tailored for you.”

And custom-made it is: In addition to a new pack of Capri Sun pouches, Paul also recieved a metal straw engraved with his name and number, enclosed in a padded case. Plus, all the pouches were stripped of their straws — so no theif could ever drink them. Looks like Paul has nothing to worry about.