White House Garden Harvest Has Become a Tourist Attraction

The First Lady draws crowds as she helps to harvest the White House garden Virginia peanuts, sweet potatoes, and figs
White House Garden Harvest Has Become a Tourist Attraction
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The White House garden is a great educational tool for youngsters.

Since First Lady Michelle Obama started taking a particular interest in helping kids across the country eat well with her Let’s Move! Campaign, and her creation of the White House gardens, which were planted in 2009, shortly after her husband’s inauguration. In recent years, the White House gardens have become a major tourist attraction, and you can even go on a guided tour of the gardens. Recently, the First Lady hosted a garden harvest, where she invited local schoolchildren to help plant this year’s crop of Virginia peanuts, sweet potatoes, and figs.

The children were invited from Arizona, California, Ohio, and the District of Columbia, and attend schools that have school gardens, teach nutrition education or have “farm to table” programs that use local food in school meals. First Lady Michelle Obama then invited the kids inside for a fresh lunch featuring vegetables from the garden. Following the planting, thousands of visitors toured the gardens this weekend.

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