What Happens When You Serve Kids a Michelin-Starred Meal?


Well this is just fois-gras-dorable.

Michelin goes miniature! The New York Times Magazine recently set out to answer the age-old question, “what happens when you give a second-grader a five-course gourmet meal?” Six second-graders from Brooklyn’s PS 295 were treated to a five-course meal at Daniel overseen by Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud himself, which is normally $220 per person. The kids were served crispy Japanese snapper, Wagyu beef rib eye, and smoked paprika-cured Hamachi, among other dishes. The hilarious and precious reactions of the kids were recorded by Spellbound director Jeffrey Blitz.

We’re sure Daniel Boulud was nervous, since kids can be tough critics, but he said the purpose of the experiment was “for the children to really discover a lot of flavor, a lot of layers, a lot of texture.”

The results were definitely mixed, to say the least. Although the rib eye went over pretty well with the kids, one young boy insisted that the custom non-alcoholic cocktail prepared by Daniel’s staff was “like, the only good course. It’s yummy.”

Watch the pint-sized (and well-dressed) critics eat their fancy meal here.

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