What are the Best and Worst-Tasting Fast Foods in America?

Consumer Reports

We can't decide if these rendered illustrations of Consumer Report's winners are adorable or creepy.

When Americans are craving a quick (but tasty), fast-food meal on the go, where do they turn? Consumer Reports recently set out to find the answer to this question, by ranking the best-tasting fast food burgers, sandwiches, chicken, and burritos in America. They surveyed 32,000 Americans and came up with a list that showed preference for fast-casual over traditional fast food. The overall best fast food chain, in all of its burrito-bowl-with-extra-guac glory, was (unsurprisingly) Chipotle, which also nabbed the best burritos spot.

Even though some chains like Chipotle and Firehouse Subs, are pretty delicious, most fast food menu items are disappointing.

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Even though Chipotle outshone the competition, you may not have heard of the number-two best burritos spot, Rubio’s — a “fresh-Mex” chain based in California. As for best burgers, the larger chains, like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jack in the Box, filled out the bottom. In-N-Out, the beloved West Coast burger chain, came in second, and dark horse The Habit Burger Grill came in first with an 8.1 overall ranking — an impressive feat with just over 100 locations, mostly in California. (We are seriously perturbed that Shake Shack that didn’t even make the list).

Despite their controversial political leanings, Chick-fil-A came out on top in the chicken category, with KFC ranking at the bottom. As for best sandwiches, the Chicago-style hotdog chain Portillo’s Hot Dogs took the prize. We are skeptical of hotdogs counting as sandwiches, so if you want a real sub, you may want to check out Firehouse Subs, which came in second overall.

Check out the full list over at Consumer Reports.

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