Welcome Back 1998! Coca-Cola Announces the Return of Surge

Surge, the popular citrus soda of the 1990s, is back, according to Coca-Cola
Welcome Back 1998! Coca-Cola Announces the Return of Surge

We can’t believe it’s back!

Ah, the 1990s: a time of inflatable furniture, brown M&Ms, and Surge soda. Well, you may not be able to snack (uncomfortably) on brown M&Ms on your giant plastic sofa, but at least you’ll be able to drink Surge again! That’s right: Coca-Cola has announced the return of the ever-popular, Mountain Dew-like citrus soda, Surge. Surge was popular years ago, but was discontinued in 2002 after a decline in sales.

Following an online petition called “The Surge Movement,” Coca-Cola announced that they will create a limited release of Surge sold in 12-packs of 16-ounce cans printed with the original graphics for $14 each. The catch is that you can only get your beloved citrus soda of bygone years on Amazon, but Coca-Cola may have plans to expand the release, depending on customer reaction.

“This will be a great learning experience for us and a refreshing opportunity for fans,” Wendy Clark, Coca Cola’s president of North America Marketing, said in a statement. 

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