Watch: Dad Gives His Kids an Onion and a Banana for Christmas and They Lose Their Minds

Two British kids receive their early Christmas presents in the most hilarious and gracious way possible

“I’ve got a banana, dad!” is officially the cutest sentence you’ve ever heard in your life. 

YouTuber and father of the century Tim Cocker is the mastermind of the most adorable Christmas prank we’ve ever seen. In the video below, Tim instills joy in his children’s hearts with the promise of an early Christmas present.

Even though Santa is on the way with his own presents, would the children — Louie and Carly (though the spelling of their names is just a guess) — like a crack at some presents from Dad?

Why, yes.

Tim has them reveal the items their hearts desire most (a Ben-10 watch and “Barbie Princess and Ken the King”) and then bestows upon them two hand-wrapped gifts right then and there at the kitchen table. Neither of them gets what they want —Louie got a banana and Carly got an onion — but both kids receive the surprise gifts as graciously and cheerfully as we’ve ever seen. Their reactions are a true testament to this guy’s parenting skills.

Watch below: