Walmart Commits to Healthier, Greener Food

Walmart announces initiative to provide real food that has less impact on the environment to its customers

You know the sustainable food movement has really taken off when Walmart is even jumping on the bandwagon.

Walmart recently announced a new commitment to a sustainable food system that goes easy on the environment.  The new green initiative is based on four pillars of sustainability: affordability, accessibility, healthfulness, and safety and transparency. Over time, the retail giant will be implementing practices like reducing fat and sodium content across the board in Walmart food products, paying close attention to the agricultural yields and greenhouse emissions of suppliers, and utilizing a transparent food chain so customers know where their food comes from.

“We believe it’s especially critical to focus our time and effort on advancing the sustainability of our food products and practices,” said McMillon.  “Grocery is a very personal category.  It’s about your health and wellbeing.  And it all comes down to trust.  Customers have to trust us on food. When we focus on food, we are doing right by our customers, our communities, and our planet.”

Other parts of the initiative include continuing to lower the cost of “real” food grown by farmers and not made in a factory, and amping up their charitable arm by providing 4 billion healthy meals to those in need over the next five years.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi