Use The Emergency Pizza Button For Drunk Pizza

It's Friday, which means four drinks tonight and a shameful slice at our local pizza joint. Luckily, this pizza button might just change that, allowing us to drunkenly eat our pizza in the safe, non-judgmental zone that is our living room.

NPR reports that tech company iStrategy has created an emergency pizza button (similar to this other pizza button) that instantly orders you a pre-programmed Domino's pizza when you push it.

It's called PiePal, and the iStrategy folks have hardwired the button and linked it with Domino's online ordering choices, so users can pre-program their pie of choice.

Funnily enough, this isn't even associated with Domino's. "This is not a client project for Domino's," chief marketing officer DJ Saul told NPR. "We know zero people at Domino's. We just used their ordering infrastructure because they have the most sophisticated online ordering structure of any of the major pizza chains."

How it works: Create an account, put in your mailing address and billing information, and then select your pizza of choice that you make a tradition of eating at odd hours throughout the day. Watch the action below, and sign up for beta tasting for weekend festivities.