Two Girl Scout Heroes Defend Cookies from Would-Be Thieves

Two middle school girls defended their wagonload of cookies against two teenage thieves, and got their wares back safely

Two Girl Scout Heroes Defend Cookies from Would-Be Thieves

You may be able to take candy from a baby, but don’t try taking cookies from a Girl Scout. After a pair of 18- and 17-year old thieves attempted to get away with stealing a wagonload of Girl Scout cookies from the scouts who were selling them, the girls jumped into action, and eventually got the pair arrested.

According to the Anne Arundel, Maryland police report, the Girl Scouts were selling cookies on Saturday afternoon on a street corner, when they stepped away from their wagonload of cookies for a minute. That’s when the cookie crooks struck, by taking the wagon and heading toward a getaway car. Instead of giving up, the girls, aged 12 and 13, turned vigilante, and chased after the suspect. One of them succeeded in grabbing the wagon back. The suspect, Gabriel Taylor Smith, 18, then hopped into his getaway car.

The Girl Scouts yelled for nearby neighbors, who then got in their own vehicle and chased down the thieves. Police were contacted and the suspects were arrested without incident. The cookies in question were unharmed, and we sincerely hope that the girls get a special badge for saving the day.

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