Here is a Burger Made from Worms

In Belgium, a growing curiosity with treating insects as food has given us… the worm burger
Here is a Burger Made from Worms

Would you eat this "hamburger?"

Belgium is currently at the forefront — some regions more than others — of a growing global interest in considering the humble insect as a source of food.

Recently, for example, we discovered SexyFood, the Belgian startup that wants to make the idea of eating bugs feel like a luxury experience.

The country’s chefs are also testing out new ways preparing insects while they wait for “the current buzz to become a boom.”

In October, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (“the free university of Brussels”) introduced worm burgers in the cafeteria, and now, a month later, the University of Antwerp has followed suit.

A Reddit user who goes by Alexthegreatbelgian posted pictures of his school’s first attempt at “hamburgers made from worms,” or more accurately, worm burgers. They were served, according to Alexthegreatbelgian, on a pistolet (Belgian bread roll) with slices of zucchini, and sides of potato wedges with garlic sauce and arugula salad.

As for the taste, Alexthegreatbelgian writes, “It tasted kinda like a veggie soyburger. Not bad, but you definitely some toppings to give it some taste.”

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