The TipsForJesus Mystery and More News

In today's Media Mix, a restaurant with monkeys for waitstaff, plus $5,000 Katz's Deli sneakers

An interview with TipsForJesus and more news.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Monkey Servers: A restaurant in Japan, or rather, a "simple sake house" named Kayabukiya Tavern has hired two macaque monkeys to take drink orders and hand out hot towels to customers. [Cooking Channel]

TipsforJesus: Mystery tipper TipsForJesus have been dropping tons of cash all across the country, and while nobody really knows anything about these good Samaritans, here's a quick interview. [Eater]

Katz's Deli Sneakers: The famous New York deli has come up with very limited-edition, custom-engraved Nikes, for $5,000. [Grub Street]

Dr Pepper Sewage: Dr. Pepper Snapple was hit with a nuisance ordinance violation after problems with its BioViper wastewater treatment plant. [Beverage Daily]


Candy Chromatography: What makes up your favorite candy colors? Find out with this test. [Live Science]