tiktok pizza egg roll
Dorothy Merrimon Crawford/Dreamstime.com

How to Make Three-Ingredient Pizza Egg Rolls, According to TikTok

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza egg roll, that's amore
tiktok pizza egg roll
Dorothy Merrimon Crawford/Dreamstime.com

Everyone has been cooking more during the coronavirus pandemic, and the most searched for recipes include a smattering of foods from  banana bread and flapjacks to chicken salad and salmon. Then there’s TikTok, where users are posting easy recipes for White Claw slushies and pancake cereal. Our latest discovery? Pizza egg rolls.

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The simple viral recipe was posted by user Jack Mancuso, who usually posts tutorials for some seriously juicy-looking steak and other meats, but he also has an easy recipe for pizza logs. The three ingredient appetizer uses simple ingredients you likely already have, including sliced pepperoni, mozzarella cheese sticks and wonton paper.


As a good cook and an Italian this hurts me to post... but I know some of you need to see this 😂😂 #allstarmoment #food #foryou #recipe #pizza

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Here’s what to do: Layer the pepperoni at the center of the wonton paper and put a cheese stick on top. Roll it up like a burrito, using water to seal the sides shut like an envelope. Then, throw the whole thing into a pan with hot oil and let it fry until it turns golden brown.


After you take it out of the oil, let it dry and then cut it in half to ogle at the gooey, melty cheese, and dip it in marinara sauce. If you’ve never made something like this at home before, don't worry. We have handy tips and tricks for frying food at home.