Thomas Keller Opening Ice Cream Shop in Napa Valley

Thomas Keller Opening Ice Cream Shop in Napa Valley
Deborah Jones

Thomas Keller will be bringing his culinary skills to the world of frozen desserts with his new ice cream shop.

Thomas Keller will be bringing gourmet ice cream to Napa Valley. The Per Se chef got approval from the town of Yountville, Calif., home of his Michelin-starred restaurant The French Laundry, to open up an ice cream shop. Keller will be offering 12 flavors of ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt in a former art gallery, according to SFGate. We hope that Keller is going to draw inspiration from his restaurants and incorporate his famous fudge-filled chocolate chip cookies from Ad Hoc, or the candied apple from French Laundry. One thing’s for sure, the available ice cream toppings like the walnut streusel, fruit, caramel, and homemade chocolate and whipped cream will come straight from Bouchon Bakery.

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Don’t start saving up to travel to Napa Valley just yet. There are still a few financial and logistical obstacles the Keller team has to surpass before opening up the gourmet ice cream shop.

“We are very pleased that the town of Yountville approved our application to open Bouchon Creamery,” said Thomas Keller Restaurant Group chief financial officer David Ciabattari in a statement. “However, with the conditions to bring the public sidewalk up to current standards, we now have to work on the financial feasibility of the project.”

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