This Pop-up Restaurant Has a 60,000-Person Wait List

René Redzepi’s wildly popular Tokyo pop-up restaurant already has a 60,000-person waiting list

The good news is that you got a spot on Noma Tokyo’s waiting list. The bad news is that 59,999 people have to back out in order for you to feast upon this langoustine/black ant creation.

There’s no shortage of international support for René Redzepi, executive chef at Noma, the critically acclaimed “best restaurant in the world.” Redzepi made waves when he announced that he would be opening a five-week Noma pop-up in Tokyo, but those waves have become a typhoon. Today it was revealed that not only were the 2,072 available reservations sold out almost immediately, but there is a 60,000-person wait list ready to claim any of those reservations that get cancelled, according to Business Insider. 

Lunch at the esteemed restaurant costs $381 USD and dinner costs $1,462 (without tip), and includes a one- or two-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The pop-up began on January 9, and will culminate with the last of the reservations on Valentine’s Day.

One of the lucky winners is Ivan Orkin, the chef behind the popular Ivan Ramen restaurant in New York, who documented his culinary journey on Instagram. He said that the first course was a “langoustine topped with black ants.” Next came under-ripe strawberries topped with cheese and sea salt. Other dishes included “assorted citrus,” monkfish liver on toast, and noodles in a rose petal broth served over ice. There was also a simple dish of tofu and walnuts, as well as something called “black garlic leather.”


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