The World is Finally Getting a ‘Game of Thrones’-Themed Restaurant

A ‘Game of Thrones’-themed three-day pop-up restaurant will be opening in London this Valentine’s Day weekend

On the menu: meat, mead, and murder (just kidding about that last one).

Brace yourselves: dinner is coming. That’s right, the world is finally getting a Game of Thrones-themed restaurant. But before you get too excited, the “one-of-a-kind epic banquet” experience is a pop-up called “All Men Must Dine” in London that will only last for three days, from February 13-15, at the Andaz Hotel on Liverpool Street in London. The menu is being kept secret, but promises to be a “lavish five-course meal” not unlike a “private, clandestine meeting of the Small Council in King's Landing,” according to the Verge. 

The pop-up banquet is in celebration of the release of the fourth season of Game of Thrones on DVD, and will likely be incredibly difficult to snag tickets for, especially since the experience is described as “intimate.” Indeed only 36 lucky people will experience the pop-up, and you can enter the competition to get a seat at the Westeros banquet table.

Feast organizers told NBC News to expect “a course on ‘the lies of Tyrion Lannister and his proclaimed innocence’ and a dish of poached veal tongue with beetroot, oldtown mustard, and horseradish,” along with lavish, themed cocktails.


A press representative for HBO ominously told The Verge that “hopefully there'll be no poisonings or suspicious deaths."