Target Customer Data Leaked and More News

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In today's Media Mix, the hottest restaurant that opened in New York City, plus cookie bus tickets

Target's customer database was hacked, reports say.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Budget Partying: How to throw a party without breaking the bank. Everyone needs this. [Lifehacker]

Target Customer Data Stolen: Yikes; Target has confirmed that criminals have stolen credit card and personal data from 40 million customers, since before Black Friday. Never buying any of their fruit snacks online, again. [Gawker]

Hottest New York Restaurants: A comprehensive list of all the restaurants you couldn't get a table to this year. [Zagat]

Bus Cookies: Instead of accepting money for tickets, a Finnish bus operator decided to let passengers pay for their seats with gingerbread cookies. [PSFK]

Do Liquor Brands Target Women?Preteen Wants Easy Bake Ovens to Target Boys, TooAre 39 Years Worth of Nutritional Data Worthless?

Don't Be Afraid of Eggnog: Science tells us it's OK! Thanks to the booze, that is. Spiked eggnog for all. [PopSci]