Taco Bell Testing Quesalupa with Cheese-Stuffed Shell

Taco Bell is letting Toledo decide if the new Quesalupa cheesy invention will hit Taco Bell menus nationwide

It’s like stuffed-crust pizza, but with a taco shell instead.

The Quesalupa may be fun to say, but is it as fun to eat? The fate of Taco Bell’s newest innovation, a cheesier version of the classic chalupa with a Monterey Jack cheese-stuffed shell, rests in the hungry hands of Toledo, Ohio residents.

Taco Bell revealed this new cheese-lover’s menu item at an investor’s meeting last year, and is described by Brand Eating thus: “Rather than melted cheese sandwiched between a Chalupa shell and grilled flour tortilla like I had earlier speculated, each Quesalupa comes with a Chalupa shell that is stuffed with melted Pepper Jack cheese! The cheese looks to be baked into the shell’s interior and fried onsite.”

Taco Bell is looking to amp up anticipation of the Quesalupa on Twitter:

As expected, the Quesalupa has garnered quite the reaction from non-Toledo residents:


Do you want the Quesalupa in your town?