Taco Bell is Giving Out Free Doritos Locos This January

If you order through the Taco Bell app, you can get a free Doritos Locos taco this January
Taco Bell is Giving Out Free Doritos Locos This January
Taco Bell

This is certainly a way to ring in the New Year, and already cheat on your diet resolution.

Are you loco for Taco Bell? Taco Bell has announced that it will be giving away free Doritos Locos this month in honor of the New Year, as well as the success of the fast-food chain’s mobile app. Taco Bell is celebrating 1.4 million Taco Bell app downloads by giving away 1 million Doritos Locos. You can get your free Doritos Locos taco with any other mobile T-Bell purchase.

The offer is being designated with the hashtag #onlyintheapp, and Taco Bell warns that the free Doritos Locos will only be available while supplies last. So it’s very likely that as you are reading this article, the one million orange dust-coated taco shells have already been snatched up. If you’re still lucky, the offer can be redeemed only via the Taco Bell app.

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If you miss this offer, the Inquistr has hinted that Taco Bell will also be offering $1 Freezes, and the chance to access new Taco Bell products than other customers who haven’t downloaded the app.