Snoop Dogg, Kate Upton Sing About Hot Pockets, Obviously

If you ever want to watch Kate Upton lip sync to 'You Got What I Eat' while fantasizing about Hot Pockets, here's your chance

Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg star in this latest Hot Pockets commercial.

Finally, another opportunity to write about Snoop Dogg and his obsession with Hot Pockets as the best munchies ever. We saw "Pocket Like It's Hot" from Snoop last year, and this year he brought in supermodel Kate Upton to do a parody of "You Got What I Need."

The version: "You Got What I Eat." The lyrics: "YOU... YOU Got What I Eeeeaaattt!/ You say you're just a baker/ But you're my HOT POCKETS maker." (All caps theirs, not ours).

The story, it turns out, is that Snoop is the "baker" of the hot buttery crust. "Now let me give you an introduction/To the Master Baker of this production/You know he bakes here/You know he bakes there/He be baking all day/I bake everywhere/Wanna bake with me? /Then come on in/ We light up taste buds/ From beginning to end." Then, there's the butcher who makes the meat, and the cheesemaker for the cheese, all trying to get Kate Upton's affection. Watch the drama below.