In Pursuit of Relevance, McDonald’s Trademarks ‘McBrunch’

McDonald’s has trademarked ‘McBrunch,’ and we can only guess what that means for avid lovers of the McMuffin

McDonald's looks to be working toward a brunch menu.

McDonald’s, the major fast food company which has recently struggling to stay relevant to consumers, has trademarked the term “McBrunch,” suggesting plans to capitalize on the fast food breakfast wars that have been particularly heated this year.

According to research from MarketWatch, McDonald’s has continued to falter amongst one of the most powerful and elusive demographics — the millennials — on whom research abounds, and little is truly known, except that they have a lot of purchasing power, and they really, really love brunch.

Although McDonald’s has not yet announced any menu items for McBrunch, the rumor of extended breakfast hours has been met with considerable interest.

Scott Hume, editor of Burger Business, speculated to USA Today that the move to trademark, coupled with McDonald’s declining sales, suggests plans to move in on the late morning crowd. Hume speculates that the McBrunch menu would likely be available only on weekends and holidays, and include specialty items not currently on the breakfast menu.

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