Is a Pizza Vending Machine Coming Soon to Your Hometown?


Pizza vending machine, brought to you by the people who also made the burrito vending machine, a.k.a. the greatest minds of our generation. This one is a pizza vending machine in Europe.

Pizza vending machine. Three words in the English language that sound so sweet when they come together. Box Brands, a tech company in Los Angeles, is working on a Pizza Box , a machine that will be able to make and distribute a pizza pie in under 90 seconds. The pizza that comes out of this pizza vending machine will initially be frozen, and will come in several varieties including a regular and breakfast pizza. Each pie costs $5, and is made using something like a speedy pizza oven, as opposed to a microwave.

"The idea behind the Pizza Box is to introduce the concept as the new drive-thru "ATM" or "AFFM" —Automated Fast Food Machine — as we like to call it, like you would see in a large retail parking lot," Pizza Box representative Joey Pomerenke told Business Insider. "For the first time ever, Americans will have a pizza drive-thru option, not just burgers and tacos."

Our opinion? If we can have cupcake ATMs, than we can certainly live (and thrive!) in a world with pizza vending machines. The first Pizza Boxes will be hitting the streets of Los Angeles in the next five months, while Burrito Box will soon be expanding nationwide. 

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi