Pizza Hut Fires Manager Over Thanksgiving and More News

In today's Media Mix, how much Americans drink on Thanksgiving, plus 'Sleep No More' restaurant opening

A Pizza Hut manager stood up for Thanksgiving, and may have gotten fired because of it.

Check out the headlines you may have missed.

Pizza Hut Fires GM Over Thanksgiving: Apparently, an Indiana Pizza Hut decided it was a good idea to fire a general manager who took a stand and refused to open on Thanksgiving. [Eater]

Hindenburg Beer: A bottle of beer was found intact in the wreck of the Hindenburg disaster, and it's set to be auctioned for almost $10,000. [Drinks Business]

'Sleep No More' Restaurant: The interactive play based on Macbeth, which already boasts a rooftop bar, has now added on a restaurant. [ABC]

Drinking, Food Thanksgiving Stats: This nifty infographic shows you exactly how much people drink on Thanksgiving (not much) and what they all eat for dessert (pumpkin pie). [HuffPo]

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