Twitter Tortellini Tutorial Goes Viral, Makes Us Believe In Love

Public service announcement: Love is not dead. According to a viral thread on Twitter, a woman matched with a nice man on Tinder and because you can't send photos through the dating app, he created a new Twitter account to show her how he makes pasta.

The Ultimate Guide to Pasta Shapes

On Oct. 29, @nextleveltilly (who now has a private profile) tweeted, "this sweet man ..... Made a twitter account to show me his pasta because you cant send pictures on tinder."

The unidentified man's account is aptly called "tortellinis for tilly" and is tied to the handle @tillytortellini. He has just six tweets on his profile — a tortellini tutorial — and all of them were posted for Tilly. The gesture is so cute and pure that, in turn, each post has garnered tens of thousands of likes from people rooting for this potential couple.

Here's a look at the thread:

"Step 1: acquire the dough."

"Step 2: establish rapport with the dough."

"Step 3: betray the dough."

"Step 4: tortellini army."

"Step 5: enjoy the fruits of your labor."

"Step 6: win her heart." Swoon.

@nextleveltilly's response? "Step 6 successful."

Not only has the thread gone viral, but people are voicing in from all corners of the internet to support the pasta-bilities of what could be.

"This is so adorable I hope you guys get fat together," @alyal_allay said.

"Ah-dough-rable*," @Scott_Jardine said.

"Marry this man & only serve tortellini at the wedding," @SharayuAil said.

"Thank you for the twitter likes I think I am seeing pasta man on Friday," @nextleveltilly said before setting her profile to private.

Even Tinder joined in on the fun, writing, "If you want a pasta date on us, DM us. We got you (pasta emoji)." Yes, honey! Cash in on that Tinder money at the best Italian restaurant in your state.