Parents Told Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy

Staff Writer
Once more, Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to torture their kids after Halloween

Kids can be so cruel.

Every year Jimmy Kimmel angers American children by asking parents to pretend to eat all their Halloween candy and record their reactions. Every year, we get the same crying tantrums, the same (almost) cursing, and the eventual "I hate Jimmy Kimmel" proclamations.

This year is no different, but it doesn't make it less adorable. There are kids who break down crying, others who jump around so much their pants fall down, and other, calmer reactions. One kid walks over in a Superman pose and says, "Know what I'm going to do with you? Kick you... in the butt."

Then again, there's an adorable kid at 2:43 bawling her eyes out while telling her mother she's OK with the devouring of her candy. Then she goes to finish her cereal. Watch all the reactions below ("Don't tell me you ate all of it" is a favorite), although none of them match the original "Youuuu sneaky mom!" kid.


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