Is Papa John a Pizza Traitor? Pizza Mogul Caught Eating Slice with Knife and Fork

TMZ caught Papa John eating pizza (not his own) with a knife and fork

Honestly, what is this world coming to if we can't trust him to eat pizza the right way?

Better ingredients, better scandals. Papa John, (yes, that Papa John) may have caused a rift between himself and his customers, and no we’re not talking about the weird new Fritos chili pie. Papa John, aka John Schnatter, was caught by TMZ paparazzi eating pizza (not his own!) with a knife and fork at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The blasphemous act will likely change the way we think of pizza forever. If we can’t count on the CEO of Papa John’s to be authentic, who can we count on?

However, there could be hope. Papa John responded to TMZ’s outrageous photo accusations, claiming that he wasn’t caught red-sauce handed, and that he was actually eating tuna, not pizza. A representative for Schnatter said, "what, you caught was Papa eating tuna, not pizza. John did have a slice of someone else's pizza as an appetizer before you took that picture... but hands only, and no fork — never!"