Novelty Toaster Lets You Take Your Selfie and Eat it, Too!

A novelty toaster company has invented a toaster that can make toast emblazoned with imprints of photos
Vermont novelty Toast

Toast selfies: perfect for when you want to burn your image into someone’s brain (and bread).

Instagram selfies are so yesterday. Now you can burn your photos into your morning breakfast using a new “selfie toaster,” created by the Vermont Novelty Toast Corp., which also sells Hello Kitty and Jesus toasters, among other items.

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For $75, you can send your hi-res photo to Vermont’s “toast engineers,” who will then manipulate color and contrast, and then create a personalized toaster that will pop out crunchy bread with your likeness imprinted on it.

"We just press some buttons and [the selfie] is cut out of sheet metal." The toaster retails for $75 and ships for free,” company founder Galen Dively told ABC News, who also divulged the secret to the best “bread pics.” "You want to choose bread that's not very airy. White bread works really well, but I've used Ezekiel bread.”

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