New Grant Achatz Restaurant to be Alinea’s Opposite

Grant Achatz hinted that his newest restaurant venture in Chicago will be a far cry from Alinea
New Grant Achatz Restaurant to be Alinea’s Opposite
Christian Seel

We wonder if the new restaurant with a fun atmosphere will also sell tickets for reservations, like its predecessor Alinea.

At a cooking demo at Sur la Table this weekend during the New York City Wine & Food Festival, Grant Achatz hinted that his newest restaurant will be something completely different from the intimate and quiet dining experience offered by Alinea. The restaurant, likely named Roister Restaurant, will open next spring next door to Next and the Aviary, and will have tables that are close together, with intentionally loud music playing during dinner service, according to Eater.

Achatz said that the new restaurant will be “rustic and refined.” Although that seems vague, the world-renowned chef explained that he was inspired by Parisian cafes, which offer a fun and lively atmosphere, even though the dining experience itself is upscale. The restaurant he said will feature a lengthy tasting menu with “bolder flavors,” that stand in stark contrast to Alinea’s more delicate offerings.

Even though the exact menu is not known, Achatz was spotted last month at Danny Meyer’s new Marta pizzeria, for research and development purposes.

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