Nelly's Tailgating Food: Tostitos and Grapes (Say What?)

The hip-hop icon hosted a 'pre-game' party for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Nelly hosted a pre-game with Tostitos.

Time to hustle for an invitation to Nelly's next pre-game party; the rapper behind "Country Grammar" and "Hot in Herre" hosted a "pre-game" for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl earlier this week to launch Tostitos Fajita-flavored Scoops and Tostitos Queso Blanco dip (no Pimp Juice was in sight). "I'm a huge sports fan, you know what I'm saying, and we're always trying to get the party started," Nelly told The Daily Meal. "It's not a party without the dip and the chip, and the music is very important."

Despite repping Tostitos and professing his love for chips and dip, however, it seems like Nelly is going healthy. "I'm honestly a huge fruit fan as well, you know what I'm saying?" Nelly said. "Stick a grape right on that Scoop... it might work." As for cooking at home, "[My son and I] learned how to cook breakfast first, pancakes, egg, turkey bacon, and then you learn how to cook other things."

If you're headed to the rapper's party, though, you better hope he's not cooking. "I cook well enough not to starve... you might not want my cooking if you have a choice," he said, "But if you don't have a choice you would eat it." Luckily, you can count on "adult beverages," if you're over 21, he notes. We imagine it's Ciroc and Simply Lemonade, but we're just guessing.


Additional reporting by Kristin Manoogian.