Most Burger Kings Take Healthier Fries Off Their Menu

Most Burger Kings Take Healthier Fries Off Their Menu
Burger King

If you want healthier options, you’d better choose the apple slices instead with your Whopper.

Well, that was fast. After less than a year on the menu, Burger King has begun phasing-out their Satisfries, or the lower-calorie, lower-fat French fry options that appeared on menus in September 2013 and on kids’ menus in March this year. But since the item was originally intended to be limited-edition, most locations (around 80 percent of Burger Kings), have taken the fries off of their menu.

“Satisfries have been a great menu item for us,” says Larry Kohler of Mastoran Corporation who owns 45 Burger King restaurants in Boston, MA, Providence, RI and Portland, ME, and one of the franchisees who will be keeping the fries on the menu. “Our guests love the choice we offer and they have increased our sales right from the start.  We’re thrilled to be able to keep them as a menu item in our restaurants.”

The rest of the locations that won’t be serving the healthier French fries, will offer them as a seasonable option. The failed fries, according to the Wall Street Journal, don’t necessarily spell doom for Americans trying to stay healthy. We’ve actually been steering clear of potatoes since they’re seen as unhealthy, and Satisfries was a (failed) attempt at bringing customers back to the humble fry.

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