Monday Nights Are Not Date Nights, Experts Say

Staff Writer
So if you schedule a date on Monday, you'll probably be stood up

Never schedule a date for a Monday.

For those of you wondering when to schedule your next romantic tryst, try not to schedule it on a Monday.'s 2013-2014 LoveGeist report found that Monday dates were more likely to be postponed or canceled than any other day of the week, the Daily Mail reports.

The reasons are obvious: people are still hungover from the weekend, or just realized how much work they have to do, or simply just want to lay low for one evening. The survey found that gym visits and work commitments ended up playing a big role in cancelations, but "illness" was the most common reason (33 percent said they would cancel with this excuse).

Meanwhile, 19 percent said they would cancel for "being too tired," 12 percent for being too broke, and 6 percent for a better date option (like being asked out by someone else). Which is just to say, if you've scheduled a date for Monday and you cancel, you're probably not that invested in the first place.

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So when should you try to schedule a date? Saturday night, if only because people have more time to relax and prepare. Of the participants, 81 percent said they were more likely to cancel a date on a weeknight than a weekend night, with relationship expert Kate Taylor of saying, "Saturday nights have an in-built feeling of fun which adds excitement to any date, and they come with the added bonus of extra hours of preparation time." The only problem would be getting a dinner reservation.