Momofuku Crack Pie Now Shipping Nationwide

Staff Writer
Last-minute Christmas gifts! Go!

Momofuku Milk Bar's Crack Pie will ship nationwide, just for today.

The same folks who allowed you to ship Cronuts nationwide (although why you would ship them and not hoard them for yourself is huge question) have launched another holiday extravaganza: TIME reports that today, you can buy a Momofuku Crack Pie and ship it anywhere, overnight, nationwide.

Christina Tosi's Crack Pie, named thanks to its highly addictive butter filling and oat crust, will be shipped straight to your door in a new sale from, which sold Cronuts this past weekend, sold out of the croissant-donut hybrid from Dominique Ansel within seconds. The Crack Pie promotion is similar: order one Crack Pie (retail: $44), and get free shipping, anywhere overnight nationwide. Definitely not a bad deal, and it seems like they're still in stock.

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"We get tips from our community about the number one foods they want," Joe Ariel, Goldbely founder, told TIME. This year the top two were the Cronut and Crack Pie, whcih means perhaps if enough fans rally, next year we can get some In-N-Out? Head on over to to order a Crack Pie for your mom, brother, and high school best friend who doesn't live in New York City.