Miracle Machine Makes Water Literally Out of Thin Air


Water-Gen does something most of us could only dream of: turn nothing into clean, drinkable water.

Just call it the miracle machine. Water-Gen, a company based out of Israel, has created  atmospheric water-generation units that are capable of filtering, cooling, and then removing the hydration from air to create purified drinking water. In short: Water-Gen has come up with a way to turn air into water. The stationary device actually can make up to 150 to 200 gallons of water per day. The result? Water that tastes similar to regular H2O, but with added minerals and treatments that comply with the World Health Organization.

Water-Gen has its limits, however. Because the water is produced from the air’s humidity, it cannot work in approximately 20 percent of the driest parts of the world. In addition, the technology needed to create the water is requires a great deal of energy so it would not be efficient for developed countries like the United States, furthermore, extremely underdeveloped countries might not have the energy resources necessary to even operate the machine. David Gillo, vice president of business development for Water-Gen, said that the machines work best for people working in remote conditions like miners or oil drillers, military personnel, and also first responders.

“All those areas where people are completely isolated and independent, we can be a source of water that can be brought on site,” said Gillo. “Let’s say you have first responders in disasters and people who give aid in emergencies. Many times, the drinking water won’t be drinkable for weeks, and this provides a safe alternative.” 

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