McRib No Longer Available Nationally

Staff Writer
McDonald's has pulled the limited-time offering from its national menu

The limited-time sandwich just became more difficult to find.

Sad news for McRib fans in small markets; McDonald's has pulled the McRib from its national menu thanks to the addition of a variety of other new items (ahem, Mighty Wings). According to Newsday, the fast-food chain has left it up to local franchise groups to decide whether or not they will serve the limited-time offer.

The McRib, which traditionally helps boost the fast-food chain's sales at the end of the year, has gained a cult status among fans, who wait for its return every year. The pork sandwich, topped with barbecue sauce, pickles, and onions, has gained some infamy recently thanks to photos showing what a patty looks like frozen. Usually, it's featured for a limited time on menus nationwide, but McDonald's representatives have said that there are "other national priorities."

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So if you've been wondering why the McRib mania has started without your local McDonald's, now you have your answer. Time to put that McRib locator to good use, or you know, just eat real some real ribs at your local barbecue joint.