McDonald’s Hires Ex-MythBuster to Improve Self-Image


Despite your opinion on McDonald’s food, it really is not made from ammonia-based “pink slime.”

McDonald’s is on a mission to make sure you know that their food is not as unappetizing as rumors and the media make it out to be. The brand new campaign, “Our Food Your Questions,” with former MythBusters star Grant Imahara, is taking on pink slime rumors and separated chicken parts skeptics in the eight-part video series, with more answers to come from Twitter user inquiries. The company answers questions like “Is McDonald’s beef real?” (Yes, and the corresponding video shows Imahara interviewing workers at the Cargill beef supplier), and “How do you make your beef patties?” (Basically, the ground beef is turned into patties, and then flash frozen for distribution nationwide).

“We’re proud of the food we serve our 27 million U.S. customers every day, yet we know people have unanswered questions,” said Kevin Newell, executive vice president for McDonald’s USA in a statement. “So, we’re inviting everyone in the U.S. on a journey to learn more about our food. We look forward to the opportunity to have an open conversation and to show people firsthand how we make our most iconic menu items.”

And the answer to the question that’s been on your minds is no, there is no pink slime in a chicken McNugget (there’s only white boneless chicken, starch, salt, seasoning, and corn flour). This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has tried to settle that rumor.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi