Matt Orlando, Dan Burns to Host Dinner at Amass on June 25

Matt Orlando and Daniel Burns will host a special, one-night-only reunion dinner at Amass in Copenhagen

"The Long John Reunion" will be hosted at Amass on June 25.

On June 25 chefs Daniel Burns of Luksus in New York City and Matthew Orlando of Amass in Copenhagen will team up for a special reunion dinner at Amass.

Early in their careers, the chefs worked together at The Fat Duck in London and then René Redzepi’s Noma in Copenhagen.

Burns went on to become the head of development of Momofuku, and then opened Luksus in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in July 2013. In the same month, Orlando opened Amass in Denmark.

The pair also teamed up in fall 2013 for an “epic Nordic reunion” dinner at Luksus in Brooklyn, which sold out. 

Attending the 2014 edition, dubbed “The Long John Reunion” will set you back kr 750 (approximately $137.02), with seating available between 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Reservations can be made by emailing Amass restaurant, or by phone at +45-4358-4330.


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