Martha Stewart Made a Gingerbread ‘Downton Abbey’ Replica

PBS challenged the crafting connoisseur to create a ‘Downton Abbey’ gingerbread replica, and she delivered big time
Martha Stewart Made a Gingerbread ‘Downton Abbey’ Replica
Michael Krautter c/o Martha Stewart

Even the Dowager Countess would even approve of this stately, sugary masterpiece.

Turning the scandal into spun sugar, and the drama into gingerbread, Martha Stewart has wowed us with her gingerbread recreation of the manor from Downton Abbey, complete with caramel windowpanes, using 16 cups of royal icing, among other sweet building blocks. Martha Stewart, known for her holiday tradition of creating lavish gingerbread mansions and cottages, was challenged this year by PBS to create a house inspired by the popular Masterpiece Theater TV show. The proper (and entirely edible) mansion measures 48 inches wide by 28 inches high.

“[The mansion is] in the Anglo-Italianate style,” Stewart told Yahoo. “The actual house is made of bath stone, lots of lead, and finials, our version has a gingerbread façade, royal icing in place of lead (much tastier), and gum paste finials.”

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Stewart explains on her blog how the project came together with her team of pastry chefs and sugar architects. After the Abbey was created, Stewart and her team strung Christmas lights on the home to make for a festive and sweet atmosphere. Crazily enough, this isn’t the largest gingerbread sculpture Stewart has ever created; that honor goes to a Baroque church she made a few years ago.