Man Sues Bar for Gender Discrimination over Ladies’ Night

A man alleges that he faced gender discrimination during "Señorita Night" at California restaurant

Frye claims that he was discriminated against during "Señorita Night," despite the restaurant's evidence that he was given access to the same menu discounts.

An Orange County court has rejected a local man’s lawsuit against Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen in Brea, in which he claims to have faced gender discrimination during the restaurant’s “Señorita Night” events, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Steve Frye claims that he was “denied the opportunity to order the same ‘ladies’ night’ special discount items that were offered to female patrons,” and is now seeking at least $4,000 in compensation.

However, Cha Cha’s was reportedly able to establish proof that Frye was actually given the opportunity to order from the same “Señorita Thursday” menu offering $5 appetizers and drinks, but declined each time.

“Our client decided to stand firm against the lawsuit because the restaurant never discriminated against Mr. Frye,” the restaurant’s attorney Michael Grobaty said. “In fact, Mr. Frye was entitled to order anything from the promotional menu.”

After a four-day trial, a jury ruled in favor of the restaurant. Court records indicated that Frye “previously filed over 40 sex discrimination lawsuits against various other businesses,” according to CBS Los Angeles.

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