Man Raises $10k on Kickstarter to Make Potato Salad

This (could be) the $10,000 potato salad that has rocked Kickstarter.

We are not really sure what to make of this. Zack Danger Brown has defied the laws of cool startups (like a wristwatch that synchs to your iPhone, and toys designed for female engineers) to start a Kickstarter campaign for making a potato salad. There’s nothing fancy about this Kickstarted potato salad — it isn’t made with caviar or gold flakes, and it wasn’t handcrafted by the stars of Chopped. Nonetheless, the simple potato salad Kickstarter has raised $9,555 — far surpassing Brown’s original $10 goal.

Right now, the goals for the Kickstarter include “I will try two different potato salad recipes” for $100, “better mayonnaise from the natural foods section” a $1,000 live stream of the potato salad process, and a $3,000 potato salad for the whole Internet!

Who knows what Brown will do with his newfound fortune? We sense a potato salad kitchen franchise in his future!

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