Make Your Own Edible Water Bottle Blob


Even though it's pretty could make your own water blob!

Woo-hoo for homemade Oo-ho! A team of British science students discovered a way of making edible water bottles, which could greatly reduce or eliminate the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment. The biodegradable edible container they are calling Oo-ho resembles a clear “blob” and is made from a double-membraned gelatinous chamber that surrounds a layer of ice, which then traps the water inside. If you don’t want to wait for the Oo-ho to be developed, Inhabitat blogger Yuka Yoneda has figured out how you can make your own at home!

It seems a bit complicated to us, but if you want to try this home project, you will need one gram of sodium alginate, five grams of food-grade calcium lactate (both of which can be found over at Modernist Pantry), five cups of water, two bowls, a blender, and a long spoon. The process, which resembles a science experiment, should actually only take a few minutes to complete.

Check out the entire process over at Inhabitat. 


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