little caesars pizza delivery

Little Caesars to Deliver Pizza Nationwide for the First Time Ever

Pizza chain delivery has been commonplace for a while now, just not at Little Caesars
little caesars pizza delivery

Are you Hot-N-Ready for cheesy bread delivered right to your door? For the first time ever in the company’s 60-year history, Little Caesars will offer delivery service nationwide through a partnership with DoorDash — and there’s no minimum order.

The Best Pizza in Every State

“We’ve seen such expensive and complex pricings throughout the pizza industry, and we think it’s crazy,” Little Caesars president and CEO David Scrivano said in a statement.

Compared to other chains, Little Caesars is cheap. A large cheese pizza costs $7.99 (with a maximum total delivery charge of $5.99), whereas Domino’s is $14.99 with a $4.99 delivery fee ($15 minimum), Pizza Hut’s is $13.99 with a $4.99 delivery fee ($20 minimum) and Papa John’s is $15.99 with a $3.49 delivery fee ($10 minimum). These rates are for New York-based locations, so prices may vary.

In an email, a representative for Little Caesars told The Daily Meal the chain hasn’t offered delivery in any capacity in more than 20 years, well before introducing Hot-N-Ready in 2004. A few franchisees had their own previous agreements with third-party delivery providers, most of which have ended by now. With the national launch on Jan. 6, the Little Caesars app and website will be the exclusive way to get delivery.


To order, open the Little Caesars app or website, pre-pay and then choose delivery. A DoorDash Drive delivery person will bring it to you. Cheap prices and Hot-N-Ready slices are just two things that make Little Caesars one of the best pizza chains in America