The Little Beet’s Franklin Becker Visits The Daily Meal

The Little Beet’s Franklin Becker Visits The Daily Meal
Aurelie Jouan

Chef Franklin Becker joined The Daily Meal to celebrate his upcoming book, 'Good Fat Cooking,' and his new restaurant, The Little Beet Table.

Franklin Becker, chef at The Little Beet in Manhattan, visited The Daily Meal this week as the latest guest in our Celebrity Chefs Series.

Chef Becker, whom you may recognize from Top Chef Masters or Iron Chef America, is also the author of several cookbooks including Good Fat, Great Flavor; The Diabetic Chef; and most recently, Good Fat Cooking, in collaboration with renowned food writer Peter Kaminsky.

Available October 28, Good Fat Cooking is a celebration of good fats — from olive oil to avocados and fish — and their role in staying healthy, and eating deliciously.

Becker’s menu for the evening, featuring plenty of good fats, included tuna tataki with millet and pico de gallo, grilled beets with Greek yogurt and granola, roasted acorn squash, arroz con pollo with Moorish spices, and grilled skirt steak with chimichurri. Specialty cocktails for the evening featured cold-pressed juices from The Little Beet.

Becker, who opened The Little Beet after serving as the corporate chef of EMM Group, is a tireless crusader for simple and healthy gluten-free food with absolute transparency. His detailed Little Beet menu features an allergen tracker, items categorized by their nutritional strengths — items with more than five grams of protein are listed under “This Way to the Gun Show” — and a full table of nutritional facts for each item.

It’s a strategy that’s served both Becker and his team well. Since the opening of The Little Beet, the staff has dropped more than 500 pounds collectively — an accomplishment that Becker sees as a testament to his endless quest to help people better understand their food.

Later this month, the chef and his team will also open the full service, seasonally-focused restaurant The Little Beet Table, on 24th and Park Avenue.


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