Let Us Rejoice: Chipotle’s Carnitas Shortage Will Soon Be Over

Longtime Chipotle supplier Niman Ranch stepped up to the pork plate, effective immediately

We’re pretty happy to have carnitas back in our bowls and bellies.

It was the “e-meat-gency” that started 2015 off with a bang. Chipotle-lovers everywhere lamented the disappearance of their beloved carnitas from one-third of all Chipotle restaurants, as the Mexican fast-casual giant underwent a pork shortage following a supplier’s breach of animal rights standards. However, fear not, fellow carnitas cravers: pork will soon be back on the menu. Longtime Chipotle supplier Niman Ranch has announced that it will be increasing its pork supply to Chipotle in an effort to address the sudden shortage, according to MeatPoultry. 

The question on everyone’s mind is, “when will I be able to order my carnitas burrito bowl again?” If your local Chipotle was one of the locations affected by the shortage, it should be addressed very soon. Within 48 hours, Niman Ranch helped Chipotle increase its pork supply by around 20 percent. According to Chipotle, although the chain has multiple meat suppliers, and Niman Ranch is most notable for “their commitment to humane animal care, sustainability and family farming.”


Luckily, carnitas aren’t actually that popular with Chipotle customers (comprising of just six to seven percent of orders), so it won’t take long to get back to pork business as usual. The Daily Meal reached out to Chipotle for comment on a specific timeline, but has yet to hear back.