Krispy Kreme's New Doughnuts Are Inspired By Halloween Monsters

This Halloween season, Krispy Kreme is inspiring customers to carry out random acts of kindness in the sweetest way possible. "Sweet-or-Treat" Saturdays, will take place every Saturday from Oct. 10 through Oct. 31, when customers can get a dozen doughnuts for $1 with the purchase of any dozen.

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And what will you do with this second set of doughnuts? The initiative is designed for gifting to family, friends or neighbors safely — by leaving it on their doorstep, perhaps. Each Sweet-or-Treat Original Glazed dozen is individually wrapped and includes a special edition jack-o'-lantern doughnut. For real jack-o'-lantern fun, here are some tips and tricks for carving.

Starting Oct. 5, Krispy Kreme will also introduce a new lineup of monster-themed doughnuts inspired by Frankenstein, Dracula and werewolves. Frankenstein and Dracula are cream-filled (original and raspberry) with various toppings like pretzel and sugar pieces. and the circular werewolf-themed option gets chocolate cream, sugar pieces and cinnamon sugar cereal ears that look like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Last but not least, we all love free stuff — right? Customers who wear a costume in stores or at the drive thru will get a free doughnut of choice on Oct. 31. Ditch the cat ears and get inspired by the most popular Halloween movie from the year you were born.