KFC Has Really Outdone Itself with the DoubleDown Dog

It’s like a DoubleDown, but with a hot dog instead of a burger, and a little bit higher chance of a heart attack
KFC Has Really Outdone Itself with the DoubleDown Dog

Yikes. You’ll definitely need to do some downward dog after eating the DoubleDown Dog.

Yum! Brands is all about the heart-stopping (literally) new menu items lately, like the new potato chip crust from Pizza Hut. Now KFC is offering up a limited edition version of their famous DoubleDown sandwich: the DoubleDown Dog. Instead of a burger, the DoubleDown Dog features a hot dog nestled inside a “bun” made of fried chicken. This comes on the heels of the news earlier in 2014 that the original DoubleDown was back on menus.

We haven’t yet received confirmation from KFC about this absurdly American fast food item, but evidence has been accruing on Twitter from people who claim to have seen (and eaten) the DoubleDown Dog. As we suspected, most people aren’t sure whether to be impressed or horrified by this new KFC creation:

It’s been sold out in the Philippines:

And it looks like this:

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The Daily Meal has contacted KFC for more information, but has not yet heard back.