KFC Accidentally Bans Wet Naps After Halal Mix-Up

A Halal-only KFC location in England has misinterpreted Islamic law, and refused to give a customer a wet wipe
KFC Accidentally Bans Wet Naps After Halal Mix-Up

We wonder if this KFC location uses alcohol-based cleaners.

A Halal KFC location has left one man confused, irritated, and napkin-less. A KFC in Leicester, England that only serves Halal food is making headlines for banning wet napkins. Graham Noakes found out about the bizarre rule after he asked for a wet napkin, and they refused to give him one because wet napkins contain alcohol, which is forbidden to consume, according to Islamic law. Understandably, the customer was perturbed.

“I explained that it wouldn’t affect me. In fact, I told them I like alcohol, so it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest,” he told Metro UK. “They use wipes in hospital — what happens when we start being told we can’t have wipes there?”

But in reality, the wet nap incident isn’t even covered under Islamic law, because one would assume that Mr. Noakes did not eat the wet napkin.

“Using alcohol doesn’t mean that you’re consuming it, it seems like an unusual decision,” said Suleman Nagdi, a spokesman for the Leicester-based Federation of Muslim Organisations.

Even so, the KFC location will be ordering lemon-based wipes for their customers going forward.

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