Jacques Pépin Begins Filming Final PBS Cooking Series


Jacques Pépin Begins Filming Final PBS Cooking Series

Before Bobby, Guy, and Giada, there was Jacques. KQED, the public access channel for California, just announced that Jacques Pépin, 79, began filming for his latest — and what will be his final — televised cooking series, called Jacques Pépin: Heart and Soul, which will be airing on PBS stations in fall 2015. The 26-episode series is slated to be Pépin’s most personal yet, as he reflects on his 60 years in the food industry. PBS is also planning a televised celebration for Pépin’s 80th birthday, with a feast prepared by Lidia Bastianich, Rick Bayless, and Ming Tsai.

“The opportunity to reflect on my time in the kitchen and in front of the camera is such a gratifying experience for me,” said Pépin. “I am able to share new recipes with viewers while also sharing special moments of my life — and I get to have my family and friends join me for this wonderful experience.”

Pépin began his television career on public access television, appearing on Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home with the beloved Julia Child, and now, 14 series later, he will end his television career on PBS. Each episode will feature Pépin walking the viewer through some of his favorite recipes (both simple and complex), as well as be able to hear Pépin reminisce about his career, and especially his relationship with Child.

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