How Will the World’s First ‘Data-Driven Restaurant’ Look?

Dinner Lab hopes to turn its cross-country research into the world's first programmable restaurant

One restaurateur aims to create the world's first customer feedback-based restaurant.

“We’re going to reverse-engineer a restaurant,” the founder of pop-up dining series Dinner Lab told LA Weekly.

Brian Bordainick, Dinner Lab’s CEO and founder, is working on the world’s first restaurant that will be a data-driven and “entire open-sourced restaurant,” which will, hopefully, adapt to the needs of its client base.

Using a series of membership-based pop-up dinners around the country —90 dinners minimum from a team of nine chefs — Dinner Lab will spend the summer collecting customer feedback from different cities across America. Dinner Lab will then open a brick-and-mortar restaurant based on all that information: who, where, what, and how.

As of now, Bordainick has raised $2.1 million toward his future restaurant, and is bringing on more and more investors.

Although he has his doubters, Bordainick’s “programmable restaurant” is being designed with a future of guaranteed success in mind.

There’s no word yet on when this restaurant to end all restaurants will come about, but if you’re dining with Dinner Lab this summer, know that your Yelp review is more important than it has ever been before. 

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