How Much To Tip And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Tipping Policies: Another article to make you want to tip more always: Tipping well might just mean getting a better table next time. But what's the balance between gaining favor with a server when you have terrible service? [WSJ]

The New York Times Critics: The critics convened for an epic talk at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, with Sifton noting that roaches are a part of life. "It's not about the roach, its the way they handle the roach," he said. [The Braiser]

Automated Restaurant: This Japanese restaurant using a conveyor belt allows you to order and eat without ever interacting with another person. [YouTube]

The Story Behind Noma: In light of the upcoming three-part book, Redzepi spills on the early days of his lauded restaurant. [Guardian]

The Original Cronut? A new restaurant in Dallas has opened with a sweet/salty pastry they're calling the Cronut, because the chef claims she invented the donut/croissant hybrid. [D Magazine]